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In 1991, author Koji Suzuki penned a story of two reluctant friends researching a cursed videotape that killed all who watched it. Seven years later, a theatrical adaptation made for just $1.2 million would become the horror sensation of the year, smashing records in Hong Kong, Singapore and its native Japan. That film was the Ring (aka Ringu), and by 2002 it had been remade in both Korea and the United States, with its villainess -- whether known as Yamamura Sadako, Eun-Suh or Samara Morgan -- fascinating and terrifying moviegoers worldwide.

This site is dedicated to the Ring in all its incarnations: the films, original novels, television specials and more.


Use the links at left for information on individual entries in the Ring series, or see the FAQ sections for more on both Japanese and American franchises. Please note that the search function is temporarily down as curseofthering.com adjusts to its new server/location. Thank you for your understanding.


The Ring cycle has seen renewed life in Japan as of late. This May saw the release of the softcover edition of S, author Koji Suzuki's all-new novel that ties together characters and events from his previous works. S tells the story of one Ando Takanori, an employee at a television production company who discovers disturbing footage on the Internet of a man committing suicide. Ando watches the video for himself, and is soon visited by a series of misfortunes...

S was used as the basis for the latest theatrical entry into the Ring series, Sadako 3D. The film, directed by Hanabusa Tsutomu and starring Seto Koji (Kamen Rider KIVA) and Ishihara Satomi, apparently takes liberties with the book, eschewing the story's close ties with the published franchise in favor of horror-movie scares.

See below for the official trailer to Sadako 3D.



"You certainly know this story well."
-Koji Suzuki, Ring author

"A wonderful website. I've been looking at it very often."
-Hideo Nakata , Ring, Ring 2 and The Ring Two director

"Your website for the Ring rocks!"
-Daveigh Chase, "Samara" in The Ring


The first four books in the Ring series, translated into English.
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